E. John Anastasi

E. John Anastasi

E. John Anastasi is the managing partner and lead counsel in the firm of Anastasi & Associates, P.C. E. John Anastasi has concentrated his practice over the last 42 years in the area of domestic relations, family law, child support, custody disputes and civil litigation. With Attorney Anastasi’s extensive financial, business and accounting background and experience in these areas of practice, he is uniquely qualified to analyze, resolve and if required, litigate complex financial issues in custody disputes, child support, alimony and domestic cases.

In Attorney Anastasi’s civil litigation practice, he has litigated numerous civil jury cases in the Superior Court and has obtained one of the highest awards in a child’s lead paint poisoning cases in the Commonwealth.

Attorney Anastasi has served on many Family Court committees, lectures and has been president of the Southern Worcester County Bar Association.

Attorney Anastasi is dedicated to his client’s needs and prepared to resolve his client’s legal matters in an efficient and personal manner.

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